It feels too long since I’ve devoted time to think about things that inspire gratitude in my life. One big part of my life that I can feel really grateful for is my work.

I found LexBlog almost 3 years ago (in May 2016). I just finished a certificate course at the University of Washington for Java Programming and was looking for a software company where I could move into a more technical support role. Then I found LexBlog.

I knew this company was different before I applied because they emphasized having a good cover letter to share my story. While my resume is a nice snapshot of my journey, it doesn’t convey my passion or decisions that lead me here, or where I see myself heading. I recognized then what I know now – I stumbled upon something special that I couldn’t let pass by me.

It’s LexBlog’s birthday today, so what better time to share some ways that LexBlog has inspired gratitude in my life 🙂

I’m grateful for work-life balance.
We work hard at LexBlog, but we also work smart and make sure that time is devoted to enriching other parts of our lives. Most people spend the majority of their time working, commuting, running errands/tasks/chores, then hopefully time for things that bring them joy. The activities that bring me joy are planned first, and outside of that time, I devote myself to being present and using my passions for learning and problem-solving. The amount of energy and time we can give varies on so many factors and LexBlog gets it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with many creative and driven people.
My typical day at work is fast paced with different types of challenges and opportunities to learn, on any given day I have a new opportunity to better myself. Our customers are intelligent and driven to navigate the landscape of law blogging, which inspires me to bring my best self to collaborate with them. LexBlog is a small but mighty group of people who bring to the table different skillsets but underneath share some common values and ideals. There’s a beautiful synergy of collaboration growing at LexBlog.

I’m grateful for a company that values my health and wellbeing.
My father passed away right before Christmas last year. Without hesitation, LexBlog gave me the time I needed to sort through all of the things that followed and piece myself back together. Having the support of my colleagues reminded me that I’m valued and cared about, which in turn helped my healing tremendously.

I’m grateful for a company mission that I can stand behind.
Some companies have a mission to outcompete their biggest competitor or make the highest profits that they can. While there’s nothing wrong with these missions, they don’t speak to me as much as helping make the law accessible to all people. It’s probably the idealist millennial in me that steered me away from the companies’ whose missions didn’t align with my values. When you really believe in something, finding purpose and giving your 100% towards it becomes so much easier.

I feel like I’m one of the lucky few that stumbled onto something special, and I’m honored to be a part of the journey as LexBlog continues to evolve. Happy Birthday, LexBlog! I look forward to where we will go.