Photo of Aimee Wildstone

Aimee loves working in Support because she loves helping people. When she's not helping lawyers change the law, you'll find her hiking, biking, or camping.

The Washington Fire Collective (of 2017) had their first kickoff meeting towards the end of January of this year. Since then the group met together twice a month to dance, practice, learn, play, and grow together. Led by our awesome Shins JPeace LoveCircus and Kim Lewis!

This looked like two large group practices per month and once we split into our chosen themed dance pods, we added two group practices minimum with our pods (in between the large group practices). As the year went on our work ramped up to 7 hour practices in year June to film our video for our final performance submission.

Here’s the final compilation of our burns, sweat and tears:

This year is my year of first, my first real fire performances, my first time in a dance troupe creating our own choreography, and my first burn.

I’m so humbled by the crazy talent, hard work, and creativity of this group. I’ve met so many amazing people and feel honored to perform with them on the playa and watch the man burn (together) this year.

This year was the year I decided to go to burning man, and I told myself a long time ago that I wasn’t going to burning man until I was prepared to contribute to something bigger than myself – no matter what it took.


The theme this year is radical ritual. Fire is spiritual to me, and fire dancing is admittedly my favorite hobby because fire feels so primal, its my own personal ritual and I knew there was no better offering for me to give than dance.

It feels like something bigger than me is calling me – here goes!